ChatGPT on your Mac and Menubar


ChatGPT at your


Access ChatGPT from anywhere on your Mac with the Global feature. Simply activate the Global textfield that pops up in the middle of your screen, and start chatting with ChatGPT.


Let ChatGPT do the


Bring ChatGPT directly into your textfields with MacGPT Inline. Just type your trigger phrase and your prompt and ChatGPT will do the rest!


Menu Bar?

ChatGPT Bar

Quickly access chatGPT from your menu bar, through the website or natively with the API

Web or Native

The ChatGPT website

always in reach

Access the ChatGPT website in a native app or from your menubar, without paying anything extra!

Easy Copying

Copy your

whole conversation

Copy a clear and readable transcript of your ChatGPT conversations

Conversation Mode

Sick of Typing?

Just talk!

Talk to ChatGPT without touching your keyboard. With conversation mode you can talk back and forth.

Try out MacGPT Today

Download and let me know what you think!

MacGPT on the go


MacGPT is also available on your iPhone as GeePeeTee. It's free, so get it now 🤩

Talk to ChatGPT
Fast and fun conversations by speaking to your ChatGPT
Use your own API key
GeePeeTee currently only works with your own API key. Subscriptions are coming soon.
Multiple conversations
Create multiple conversations with different prompts to easily reuse.
GeePeeTee screenshot

Questions & Answers

If your questions is not listed, let us know.

Yes you can. Just login with your credentials and you should be able to access the GPT Plus features.

You can use MacGPT through the ChatGPT API for a nicer and faster experience. To use the native mode you will need to get your own OpenAI API key and connect a credit card to it.

I'm aware that the MacGPT Inline feature does not work in some apps (Sublime Text, Notion, WhatsApp for example). I'm looking into ways to solve this.

Currently the GPT-4 API is only available through the API after signing up for a waiting list. Please sign up through the OpenAI website and you should have access in a few days. Sign up here.

MacGPT is only supported on macOS Monterey and Ventura because it is using some of the latest APIs. Sorry about that!

MacGPT connects directly to the OpenAI servers so I can't control what they do in terms of blocking proxy servers, sorry.